How to update Garmin GPS

New drive-in locations and roads tend to spring up frequently. If you have recently moved to a new city and bought a Garmin Nuvi GPS device, then you can fix it in the front dashboard of your car or your motorbike to find the exact routes to reach the nearby gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and any other location. The GPS maps saved in your Garmin GPS device must be updated regularly to stay on the safer side. For example, you might end up following the wrong route if at all the old map doesn’t notify you about the on-going road construction process. Also, finding an alternate route shall be a difficult process, and you need to rely on asking route from the neighborhood people.Garmin Express

Following is a step-wise guide to timely and rightly update Garmin GPS:

If you have an old Garmin Nuvi GPS device, then you need to connect with the box provided cable to your Windows or Mac running computer or laptop to start with the map up-gradation process.

Before connecting your Garmin GPS device, you need to download Garmin WebUpdater software that has been solely created to check for available map and software upgrades at ease.

  1. Connect your laptop or computer to a Wi-Fi internet connection and then open a web browser, Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Opera
  2. Within the address bar, type and then press the ‘Enter’ button in your keyboard
  3. The loaded page shall host the download links for different versions of Window Operating System users
  4. Click upon the ‘Download’ link based on the Windows Operating System version that has been running on your computer in the first place
  5. Upon clicking the ‘Download’ button, you will be redirected to the ‘Support’ page
  6. You need to read through the ‘Software License Agreement’ and then acknowledge them by pressing upon the relevant button that says ‘I agree to the mentioned terms’
  7. Now, the Garmin WebUpdater download page shall load up with installation instructions and other details you need to know before downloading them
  8. Read through the listed Notes section and make sure your computer has the required Windows pack, .NET framework and other system requirements are met and then click upon the ‘Download’ button
  9. The WebUpdater shall be downloaded as a .exe file, which is the default installation extension created by Windows to install software applications to its memory
  10. Select the local drive to save the .exe file and then wait until the entire downloading process remains completed
  11. Open the downloaded .exe file and follow the instructions that are listed on-screen 
  12. Now, connect your Garmin Nuvi GPS device with your computer or laptop
  13. Open up the WebUpdater application and wait until your Garmin GPS device gets automatically recognized
  14. If your device doesn’t get detected automatically, then search using the GPS device name to sync it with the WebUpdater app
  15. After completing this process, you can instantly check for an available update for Garmin GPS devicemygarmin

Start downloading the relevant map updates and stay upgraded with the road map to travel at ease.


update Garmin GPS using Garmin Express app:

Although updating GPS through Garmin WebUpdater sounds like an easy option, it is a software application that has been solely created to search and update the recently released GPS updates and does have other unique features like loading customized maps, backing up routes and much more. This is where Garmin Connect Express helps you out, you can check for available GPS updates, backup your device data, and download additional apps that can let you reach various destinations easily. If you do not know how to update a Garmin GPS device using Garmin Express application, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Connect your Garmin Nuvi GPS device with your computer using a universal USB cable
  2. Download and install Garmin Connect Express software application from a reliable source
  3. Open Garmin Connect Express and then wait for a minute to let the application automatically find the connected Garmin GPS device
  4. You can also manually add a GPS device, by clicking upon the ‘Add a Device’ option from the File Menu
  5. The available updates shall be searched automatically and displayed as a listGarmin Connect Login
  6. You can either click upon the ‘Select All’ option or individually choose the update based upon your update preferences
  7. The GPS map updating time depends upon the overall file size and the speed of your Wi-Fi internet connection
  8. Other than downloading the free map updates, you can also choose to purchase lifetime updates using your credit or debit card
  9. Once the updates get downloaded, disconnect the Garmin GPS device by selecting the ‘Eject’ option within the Garmin Connect Express window

Install back the GPS device within your vehicle to start access and travel through the updated and accurate road direction maps.