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Garmin Registration

Garmin has been constantly creating many different GPS devices that are widely recognized in various fields like marine, aviation, outdoor recreating, fitness tracking and much more. Garmin Nuvi is the most popular GPS device that has been helping people reach the exact places they desire to with its map tracking functionality. Beforehand starting to use any newly bought Garmin GPS or fitness tracking device, it is highly recommended to register them using a Garmin account to receive frequent upgrades related to maps, software, and to claim the warranty that usually Garmin tends to provide for all its customers. The following is a quick guide denoting the right ways to register your Garmin product.Garmin Connect Login

Visiting Mygarmin website to register Garmin products:

Mygarmin website has been solely established to register any of your Garmin navigating products in one roof. All you need to do is to choose the exact category to which the Garmin product belongs to. Marine, automotive, aviation, sports & fitness, outdoor & dogs are the five major product categories listed in the mygarmin website and each one of them holds onto a different product registration procedure.

Registering Garmin Nuvi automotive type of Garmin device:

  1. In an internet-connected computer system, open a web browser and visit
  2. The page shall load up with the major five categories to choose from
  3. Garmin Nuvi comes under the ‘Automotive’ category
  4. By clicking the respective icon, a pop-up shall load up requesting you to download Garmin Express to start the product registration process
  5. Garmin Express is an exclusive desktop application that can help in registering your Garmin device and also manage them in one place
  6. Make a click upon the ‘OK’ button to let the browser redirect you to the Garmin Express software download page
  7. If you are a Windows system user, then click upon ‘Download for Windows’ button
  8. If you are a Mac system user, then click upon ‘Download for Mac’ button
  9. We recommend you to read through the required system requirements on the loaded software download page and ensure the same your computer system meets up with the same
  10. Install the software, and then open it up
  11. Click the ‘Add a Device’ icon from the loaded Garmin Express software window
  12. Then, click upon ‘Sign In’ 
  13. Enter your Garmin account login credentials and then press the ‘Enter’ button
  14. If you are new to Garmin, then create a new account using your existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yahoo account
  15. Once you have signed in to your Garmin account, click the ‘Next’ button 
  16. You need to choose your exact location and the device name and then select your preference to let Garmin collect your data or not on the next page
  17. Once this process has been completed, you need to plug in the removed SD card from your Garmin Nuvi into your laptop or computer system using an SD card connector
  18. Then in the Garmin Express Vessel screen, click upon the Add button
  19. The software application shall search and automatically detect the Garmin Nuvi device it was previously connected to
  20. From the loaded search results, click upon ‘Add Device’

By adding your device, you have registered the Garmin Nuvi device with Garmin Express to backup, update and access saved road maps at ease.

Registering Garmin Outdoor & Dogs devices:Garmin Epress

If you have recently bought Garmin Astro 430 or other types of Garmin collar based tracking device to locate, analyze the distance traveled and the hunting behavior of all your dogs, then you need to register the device in the first place. 

  1. Open a web browser and visit the link
  2. Choose Outdoor & Dogs category from the loaded mygarmin webpage
  3. You need to Sign In to your Garmin account at first
  4. Enter the e-mail address along with the password that you have previously used to create an account with Garmin
  5. Download Garmin Communicator Plugin, a free web browser plugin that has been created to send and retrieve data from the connected GPS devices
  6. Once you have downloaded the plugin, connect the Garmin Outdoor & Dogs tracking device to your computer system
  7. After this, you need to manually find the product serial number, which can be easily located on the back part of the tracking device

Enter the exact product serial number and then press upon the ‘Register’ button to complete the registration process.

Registering Sports & Fitness and Marine Garmin devices:mygarmin

To register your fitness tracking Garmin device or maps loaded marine Garmin device, you need to follow up the exact steps as previously mentioned for registering an ‘Automotive’ device. You need to download the Garmin Express software application from to complete the device registration process.

Registering Aviation Garmin device:

  1. Connect your Garmin Aviation device to a nearby Wi-Fi internet connection
  2. Go to the Setup page within the device and then press upon ‘Connext Registration’
  3. Garmin Connext lets you wirelessly upload flight plans and databases to cope up with you busy pilot life
  4. Press upon ‘Register’ button
  5. Enter the access code that came with the device and then press ‘Enter’
  6. Once the registration gets completed, the registration page shall showcase the warranty and details related to your newly purchased Aviation type of Garmin device

Alternatively, you can also visit from a web browser, choose the ‘Aviation’ category, sign in to your Garmin account and enter the access code to register from a computer or laptop. 




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