Garmin Express or Garmin Software is an essential utility in getting the right kind of guidance when it comes to tracking some details while exercising and even moving. Although the Garmin Software is quite useful and worthy, you need to update these devices to make sure that your devices don’t run out of important features. These updates are mostly free or available at minimal cost at

Advantages of garmin devices using Garmin Maps


Garmin maps

Garmin Nuvi is Garmin device that you can use for navigation and GPS guidance in your car. Since it uses the basic service of Garmin Maps, you need to update it frequently. Here are some features of this device, since it is a typical example of the maps:

  • Garmin Nuvi has a 12.7 cm screen with dual orientation.
  • Most of these devices consist of all the maps in India as they are preloaded in it at the time of manufacturing.
  • They can search maps and routes amongst millions of them being identical with accuracy.
  • These devices provide important notifications turn by turn.
  • They can sense the intensity of traffic ahead and save you from rush and accident, thus making your travel safer and sound.
  • If your device is updated, then all the routes would be refreshed and loaded with utmost attention.
  • These devices divert you towards the ways that are less crowded and don’t have rush. 
  • Some devices such as garmin Nuvi have free lifetime update facilities. 
  • All these devices an uninterrupted internet connection and hence, cellular data is unreliable in this case.
  • These devices needs appropriate Garmin Map updates from time to time to manage the functionality and directional assistance.

How to perform the Garmin Map updates and get Lifetime free updates?


Garmin Nuvi or other devices that use the Garmin Maps need to be frequently updated to keep up with the routes or pathways. Now, you can update the Garmin maps that would update the connected device with these instructions:

garmin nuvi gps

  • Go to the homepage at
  • Go for Download for Windows option, if using Windows else select Mac. 
  • Open the file you have downloaded and install it.
  • Get your Garmin device and connect it with the system with the help of a USB Cable.
  • Enter the required credentials.
  • Save the device and check for the related updates.
  • Select the updates to be done and confirm the action by clicking on Install updates option. 
  • You can get free updates if you get a prompt in your device saying “A free update is available”
  • You don’t need to update till you see ”Your maps are updated” prompt.
  • Free update is not available if you see, ”Map updates are available on purchase” option. 

garmin nuvi

You can get the desired option for Garmin Map updates. With Garmin Nuvi, it is an inbuilt feature with certain terms and condition that you get lifetime updates for free. With most of the features ruling the navigation, you get the best.options. So, enjoy these updates and options for assistance at