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Garmin Connect Login

Whether you have been strength training for a marathon or in a need to track your daily steps, Garmin Connect provides the exact graphic representations that can let you beat your yesterday’s best. Garmin Connect is an individual mobile application developed by Garmin to let its activity tracking device users analyze, share and create new workout routines at ease. Other than downloading and accessing the Garmin Connect app from your smartphone, you can even download them on your computer or laptop. If you are wondering how to pass through the Garmin login process using a PC, then keep reading to know more.Garmin Connect login

Garmin login process using a computer or laptop:

  1. Take the provided universal USB cable and connect the charging part with the Garmin device and the USB side with the USB port of your computer or laptop
  2. Once the device has been connected, you can witness a charging icon popping up on the screen of your Garmin device
  3. Touch and hold on the Garmin device until you see the USB tethering symbol
  4. Now, connect your computer or laptop to an active internet connection using a nearby Wi-Fi connection
  5. Open a web browser that you tend to use the most, and download an Android emulation program like BlueStacks to login to your account without using your smartphone
  6. Once the program has been installed to your computer system, open it up and configure the settings as per your preferences
  7. Now, you need to Sign In to your Google account to download Garmin Connect 
  8. After signing up, make use of the search box and visit ‘Garmin Connect’ download page
  9. Click upon the ‘Install’ button and wait until the process completes on its own
  10. After a while, check with the home page, and load up the ‘Garmin Connect’ app
  11. Click upon the ‘Create Account’ button to create a new account
  12. If you have an existing Garmin account and looking forward to signing in use the same, then click upon the ‘Sign In’ buttonGarmin Login

You need to enter down the email ID along with the password in the next screen to complete the Garmin Connect login process from your computer.

Garmin login process using a smartphone:

Garmin Connect app for smartphone let you analyze, share and create new events instantly straight from your phones without having to find a computer or login to take forward the same process. To login to your existing Garmin account using your smartphone, you must first download and install it on your Android or iOS device. If you are looking forward to pairing up your smartphone with your Garmin device, then follow the below-mentioned steps as it is:

  1. Connect your smartphone to mobile data or a highly-secured and fast Wi-Fi internet connection
  2. Open a mobile web browser, Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox
  3. Within the address bar, type and then touch the Enter button
  4. You will be redirected to the ‘Garmin Connect’ official app downloading page
  5. From the loaded page, scroll down to choose the exact store to download the app
  6. If you are using an Android smartphone, then click upon the link that says ‘Get it on Google Play’ to load the app from the Google Play Store
  7. If you are using an iOS running apple smartphone, then click upon the link that says ‘Available on the App Store’ to load up the app from the App Store
  8. Download the app and wait until the installation process gets completed on its own
  9. Beforehand opening the Garmin Connect app from your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth connectivity to let the device instantly search and pair up with your Garmin device
  10. Open the app from the App drawer in your Android smartphone or from the home screen from your iOS running smartphone
  11. By pressing on the ‘Sign In’ button from the home screen of Garmin Connect app, you will be redirected to the next screen hosting the ‘End User License Agreement’
  12. You must read through the agreement and select the boxes manually, and then press upon the ‘Next’ button
  13. Now, you must enter the e-mail ID along with the password that you have earlier used for Garmin Connect login purposes
  14. After completing the Garmin login process, you are good to go
  15. Start tracking all your fitness-related data, events and other info graphs straight from your fingertip. Garmin Express Download

If you have forgotten the password, then you can click upon the blue colored ‘Forgot Password’ icon from the ‘Sign In’ window page to send out a link to your registered email ID to reset the password at ease



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