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Garmin Connect is the perfect tool to track, share, and research your fitness activities and health levels on the go. This application from Garmin effectively collects such data in one roof from any of your Garmin devices. 

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How Does Garmin Connect Work?

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Download, install and complete the Garmin login setup process

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Connect your Garmin device and start being active all through the day

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End of the day get back to Garmin Connect to learn about your fitness progress

Glance through your health levels in one touch

By creating a new Garmin connect account, the app shall collect and rightly display details related to your fitness activities any part of the day. You can even get to customize the type of health data that you need to see in one roof.

Further, the application shall create a detailed analysis stating your weekly or monthly goals achieved based upon your fitness goals. Check through your heartbeat rates and workout accordingly.

Beat your yesterday records with Garmin Connect Express:

Garmin Connect Express, PC based software developed to let you create a workout routine from scratch using the available tools. It even hosts a Garmin Coach that can serve customized workouts adapting to your everyday lifestyle. 

Tracking all your activities using Garmin Connect for PC

Any kind of fitness activities that you get to involve in, starting from swimming, jogging, running, lifting weight, hiking, the Garmin Connect app shall track them all at ease. The app records valid statistics that you can check to analyze your performance and improvise them to bypass your desired fitness goals.

Earn badges by competing and connecting with your friends through Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect works better when you have friends to compete in terms of everyday step challenge and much more. You can create groups and post your recent fitness achievement as a post and get appreciated in return. Earn badges by accomplishing the derived goals ahead of your friends.

Steps to download & install Garmin Connect Express on Windows 7 or 10

If you are looking forward to downloading Garmin Connect for Windows running computer system, then you need to install Garmin Connect Express, a unique software application created to accurately sync all your fitness-related data collected from your Garmin device.

  1. Open a web browser that you have been using frequently to browse the internet
  2. Make sure your computer or laptop has been connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network to complete the Garmin Connect downloads process at ease
  3. Type in the address bar of the opened web browser and then hit upon the ‘Enter’ button in the connected keyboard
  4. This is the official download page of Garmin to download their Garmin Connect application for every other popular platform
  5. Scroll the loaded page, and click upon the blue colored button that says ‘Get Garmin Express’
  6. The page shall automatically redirect you to page
  7. You can either click upon the ‘Download for Windows’ button to start downloading the .exe type of installation file for your Windows running laptop or computer or browse through other options like ‘System Requirement’ 
  8. By clicking upon the ‘System Requirements’ button, the type of requirements needed to smoothly run the Garmin Connect Express app shall get displayed
  9. Glance through it and ensure the needed requirements are met in the first place before starting to download the .exe installation file
  10. For windows, .exe is the software installation file type and Garmin offers the direct link to download the file, rather forcing you to sign up or subscribe to download them in the first place
  11. The overall time taken to complete the Garmin Connect downloads process depends upon the speed of the Wi-Fi internet connection the system has been connected to
  12. Once the file has been downloaded, visit the exact folder and then make a right-click on it
  13. A new list shall pop-up, from which you need to select ‘Run as Administrator’ to provide administrator access to the software application

Follow the on-screen instructions and make the right choices to complete the initial Garmin Connect Express software installation process.

Steps to download and install Garmin Connect for MAC

Make sure your iMac or MacBook runs on OS X 10.11 or the latest version, has 1440 X 900 display ratio, 1 GB of RAM, USB port and about twenty GB of free space available in the internal disk to complete the entire installation process an easy one. 

To install Garmin Connect on your Mac running MacBook or iMac, you need to follow the exact steps that were previously mentioned in the Garmin Connect Windows installation guide until step number 6. Afterward, follow the step-wise guide as mentioned below:

  1. From the loaded Garmin Connect Express download page, click on the link that denotes ‘Download for Mac’
  2. You need to select the drive location to download the file
  3. For Mac users, Garmin provides a .dmg type of installation file
  4. The time taken for the download process to complete highly depends upon the download speed of the connected Wi-Fi internet connection
  5. Once the file has been downloaded, visit the drive and open it up
  6. Follow up the instructions that are listed on the installation window, and make the right kind of preferences to install the features that you are looking forward to accessing with Garmin Connect Express application.

You can Sign In using your existing Garmin Connect account or create a new one. Connect the Garmin device that you have recently purchased with your MacBook or iMac and then open up Garmin Connect Express to sync data and to search and download available updates. 

Steps to download and install Garmin Connect for iPad & iPhone

If you do not have a computer or laptop to sync, backup and analyze your fitness activities through the Garmin Connect Express app, then you can install Garmin Connect on your iPad or iPhone by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open up Apple’s Safari web browser, and then visit page
  2. From the loaded webpage, click upon a link that states ‘Available on the App Store’
  3. This link shall open up the ‘App Store’ application with the exact Garmin Connect download window
  4. Touch upon the ‘Get’ button download the Garmin Connect mobile application
  5. You can even read through the newly available features and reviews of the previous users in this app downloading page
  6. Upon pressing the ‘Get’ button, you will be prompted by your iPad or iPhone device to either enter your Apple ID password or make use of Face ID to start with the download process
  7. This particular step is a must as Apple only allows users who have signed in using their Apple ID to download apps from their App Store
  8. The download time depends upon the speed of the mobile data or Wi-Fi internet connection the iPad or iPhone has been connected to

Once the download process is said to be completed, the same download page window shall showcase an ‘Open’ button to load the mobile app. You can click on it to start accessing your Garmin Connect account straight from your iPad or iPhone. If this is your first time trying to connect your Garmin device and access fitness data through your Apple phone, then complete the Garmin login process at first, and then start creating new workout routines for every other day.

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